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In 1879 the Northfield Seminary for Young Ladies opened its doors, and in 1881, the Mount Hermon School for Boys was established. The two schools were both founded by Rev. Dwight L. Moody, and theyoperated side-by-side for almost a century until they merged in 1971 into a single institution. Still, the school occupied and maintained two campuses. In 2004 the Board of Trustees voted to consolidate on one campus - the Mount Hermon Campus.

OMR undertook the Master Planning and Programming project with an overarching goal to weave together the diverse cultures and interests of the two school traditions so that the new campus authentically reflects their unique and integrated identity and provides a very real expression of the school prayer "Head, Heart and Hands:.

To start, a major focus of the work was the comprehensive, detailed analysis of the school's programming. In tandem with the programming, an in-depth analysis of the academic buildings insured that the facilities would be appropriately sized, clustered, and located. Close attention was paid to the flow and organization of the campus so that the 1100-acre campus engenders both a sense of spaciousness as well as intimacy.

The proposed organization and campus development support the NMH objectives to create a cohesive, close-knit campus community, to spur meaningful interactions among students and faculty, to extend learning beyond the classroom and campus, and position the school competitively - all the while securing the school's historical strengths.