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Eight years after OMR provided the original Master Plan for Vermont Academy, the school undertook a new initiative to update and improve the campus. The project has two key elements: a Master Plan update and the design and construction of a new Performing Arts Center.

One result of the planning process was the design of a Performing Arts Center planned to be built in phases as budgets allow. Phase I, now constructed, includes a 350 seat multi-purpose auditorium used for assemblies, lectures, and dramatic and musical performances. Phase II will include visual art teaching spaces, music teaching and practices rooms along with a green room, dressing rooms, storage, a secure gallery space, and offices. Vermont Academy is an independent school but serves as an educational and cultural center for the larger community. It serves as the local high school for a significant number of nearby towns and the Performing Arts Center hosts a county-wide symphony orchestra, traveling drama troupes, an in-residence scientific lecture program in the summers and numerous other public events.