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salisbury school math and science building

This new Math and Science Building prominently marks the southern edge of the revitalized academic quad. Subtly echoing the form of the main academic building and the materials of adjacent dorms, Wachtmeister puts a contemporary spin on the Georgian vernacular contexts to highlight the school's past while moving into the future.

The three-story building's small footprint efficiently maximizes the limited available square footage. Short and wide day-lit corridors connect spacious biology, chemistry, physics, and earth science classroom laboratories. These open spaces encourage interaction and turn circulation into multi-purpose social/reading/studying areas. Large windows and transom panels throughout the structure bring natural light, sweeping mountain vistas, and foliage into classrooms, corridors, and open stairwells.

Integrated innovative teaching tools match the school’s 21st century educational mission and program. Every classroom contains networked computers and video monitors for presentations. In the lobby, an LED indicator panel displays heat and radiation data gathered from the quarry tile floor in the downstairs greenhouse. On the building's southern exposure, a science garden featuring native plant species and boulders provides an outdoor teaching station, and reflects the typical Connecticut ecology to heighten students' awareness of their surrounding environment.