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beede natatorium & fitness center

The Beede Center is a first class natatorium serving the recreational, health, and competitive water sport and related fitness needs for the communities of Concord and Carlisle and nearby towns. After reviewing several options, a site located directly across from Concord-Carlisle High School was selected in order to create a close campus relationship for students and provide easy access to residents. The new building’s design reflects its own identity, yet harmonizes with its built and natural surroundings.

The two-story, 35,000 sf facility features four swimming pools, spectator seating, separate locker rooms for community and competitive teams, family changing rooms, multipurpose spaces, and adjoining outdoor areas. The diving well accommodates two one-meter, and one, three-meter competition diving boards. The eight-lane competition pool, measured to stage both twenty-five yard and twenty-five meter racing, also supports 10 lanes of recreational lap swimming. The shallow end of the competition pool is used for aerobics. Skylights and glass panels channel in natural light to minimize energy costs associated with artificial lighting. A state-of-the-art HVAC system optimizes air quality, and a pioneering chlorination system provides high water quality while significantly minimizing the usual chlorine toxicity.

The Beede Center is designed with the whole of the community in mind – athletes, beginners, the young and old, able bodies, handicapped. The Center is easily entered at grade without stairs, ramps, or long corridors.

A wading pool for young children includes a central water play feature. The warm-water pool is used for numerous rehabilitation and health programs as well as recreation. Support spaces, including an on-site café, serve a variety of community needs and social functions. The entire building is handicapped accessible.

The Beede Center is a highly efficient and very successful facility that provides an energizing gathering place where community focus is on the enjoyment of health and wellness.