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the fine line gallery

Located on Madison Avenue in Manhattan, The Fine Line Gallery displays precious art collected from around the world. Its conversion from a traditional storefront to a distinguished gallery required a complete gutting of the existing space.

The interior renovation turned two smaller rooms into a single, open, and efficient space. New lighting, shelving systems, and fresh paint increased the flexibility, quality, and quantity of the display areas. The relocated sales desk enables a single person to passively supervise the entire gallery. Floor to ceiling windows reveal a small courtyard and channel in bright natural light, effectively eliminating the subterranean feel that often characterizes garden-level space.

A new greenhouse constructed over the entry well projects the gallery’s presence further onto the street to make its garden-level location more accessible from the sidewalk. This glass entry encloses a small coatroom for people to dry off or wipe their shoes before entering the exhibition area. It also utilizes the southern exposure to form a passive solar entrance, an element rarely found in New York City.