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longmeadow high school

The new Longmeadow High School reflects the District’s 21st century educational philosophy and embodies the goals and desired improvements that the community articulated in a series of visioning workshops. The new Longmeadow High School consists of three parts: the core/community facilities, the academic wing, and the renovation of the 1971 wing. The new construction portion of the facility includes spaces for the classroom academic programs and also includes a media center; special education; art, music and a 667-seat auditorium; business technology; health and physical education; a cafeteria and food service. The academic wing can be easily configured by department or can be organized by interdisciplinary clusters with shared project and seminar spaces that are centrally located and daylit from above.

Sustainability is a key focus. Abundant daylight and direct views to the outside are a hallmark of the building. State-of-the-art temperature and lighting controls, heating/cooling infrastructure, and improved air quality enable the school to meet its MA-CHPS goals. The new Longmeadow High School operates with exceptional levels of energy efficiency while the people who use the building enjoy the health benefits of a well-designed and thoughtfully organized sustainable environment.