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green meadows elementary school

Green Meadows Elementary School sits on a secluded site surrounded by farms and small foothills in Hampden, MA. Originally built for 273 students in grades PK-2, the expanded school accommodates grades 3-4 and holds 412 students. The new design increases the available square footage by nearly 50% to 57,000 sf, upgrades mechanical systems, and brings modern educational technology to an outdated facility.

Additions include eight new classrooms, a library/media center, a computer lab, a science lab with a demonstration area, an entirely new kitchen adjacent to the cafeteria, and more storage space. Small additions to the existing kindergarten rooms meet the 1200 sf classroom size minimum. The Library/Media Center sits adjacent to the school’s first computer lab, forming the technological hub of the school. Updated systems and wiring infrastructure permits networked computers in every classroom. Relocation of the administration to the entry provides more security and passive supervision of students and visitors. Other renovations focus on accessibility issues, installation of new lockers, and opening the gym and cafeteria to refreshing natural light.